20th Anniversary Commemoration

B e  A  P a r t  o f 
H T W F 's  20th Anniversary
 Honoring our Founder 
Janet Mentgen
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Supporting HTWF's mission,
Giving Back to you and
Keeping Janet's Legacy Alive
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Giving for a reason:
Awareness, Science, Education and Outreach 
How far do we have to go?
Our goal is to raise $5,000! 
We could use your help spreading the word to your friends and family.
V i s i o n
Advancing Healing Touch Worldwide.
M i s s i o n
Supporting  Healing Touch research, global education and humanitarian service through grant opportunities.
Inspired artwork by Anne-Denise Mejaki
"To be asked to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Healing Touch Worldwide Foundation, honoring the Founder Janet Mentgen, was like a warm wave of opportunity
through which I could freely invoke her light and 
Through your giving

Winners! All is Bright Holiday Raffle



 Our DEEPEST GRATITUDE for all who participated in our Holiday Raffle, your contribution helps Advance Healing Touch, one Grant at a Time!







Item 1 - Mastery Energy Program


Winner: Maria Rog


Donated By: Debra Greene

Value: $711


Item 2 - Animal Communication


Winner: Jo Hughes


Donated By: Carol Gurney

Value: $375


Item 3 - 

Healing Touch for Animals Level 1 class


Winner: Judy Houser


Donated By: Carol Komitor

Value: $349


Item 4 - Healing Touch Professional Association 24 month membership and $50 Gift Certificate


Winner: Roberta Davis Lewis


Donated By: Amelia Vogler

Value: $250


Item 5 - Intuitive-Guided Self-Healing


Winner: Laura Ferenc


Donated By: Robbie Holz

Value: $220


Item 6 - Handwriting Therapy


Winner: Renata Maniaci


Donated By: Jennifer Ancona

Value: $65


Item 7 - Red Sleigh Gift Basket


Winner: Erika Motill


Donated By: Roberta Davis-Lewis

Value: $100


Item 8 - Intuitive Healing Session


Winner: James Ross


Donated By: Amelia Vogler

Value: $260


Item 9 - Spiritual Intuitive Reading & Healing Session


Winner: Nanette Sagastume


Donated By: Mary Jo Bulbrook

Value: $150


Item 10 - Ancestry DNA Test


Winner: Geoffrey Matsumoto


Donated By: Roberta Davis-Lewis

Value: $100


Item 11 - Meditation Set


Winner: Donna Gorski


Donated By: Melinda Chichester 

Value: $145


Item 12 - Ash Platter


Winner: B. Kelley


Donated By: K.C. Kendall

Value: $75



Wishing you abundant health and blessings this holiday season.



Your friends at H.T.W.F.







11th Annual Regional Symposium

HT CA Symposium11th Annual Regional Symposium April 29-30, Kona Kai Resort San Diego, CA 92106



What you missed during OKI and HTCA Regionals!
The Healing Touch California 11th Annual Regional Symposium took place in San Diego, CA on April 29-30, 2017. The Foundation would like to give a big thank you to Roberta Davis Lewis and Lynn Parker for doing a spectacular job representing HTWF there. Roberta had the opportunity to share about our initiatives to the participants, and the feedback was very optimistic! The symposium raised $555.00.


OKI Spring Conference

OKI Spring Conference April 29, Cincinnati, OH

OKI Event


What you missed during OKI and HTCA Regionals!
Cincinnati OKI Spring Healing Touch Regional on April 29, 2017 was a BLAST with presenter Dondi Dahlin (Donna Eden's daughter). Dondi presented "The Five Elements": Understanding Yourself and Enhancing Your Relationships with the Wisdom of the Oldest Personality Type System. We want to thank Dondi for joining us and making our regional a memorable event! Healing Touch Worldwide Foundation would also like to thank Nancy Lavergne and volunteer Felicia Bush for running the Silent Auction and Raffle. All in all we raised $825.00!