Healing Touch is a body of energetic interventions in complementary medicine that promote balance and harmony in the human biofield (energy field). Full Healing Touch Sequence (Healing Touch Level 3) training techniques, designed to clear and to repair energetic patterns in the biofield, can influence disrupted patterns and restore the biofield. Research is needed to delineate the association of biofield changes resulting from Healing Touch Level 3 interventions with measurable physical markers and psychological effects related to chronic diseases.

Funding up to $25,000 is available.

Purpose: To determine the efficacy of Healing Touch Level 3 (HT Level 3) techniques in 30-60 minute sessions on patients with chronic illness.

Target Population: Patients with chronic disease, including but not limited to diabetes, autoimmune disease, arthritis, MS, or applicant’s area of expertise.

Suggested Protocol: Each patient in the test group should receive 10 HTL3 sessions no more than a week apart. Test group should consist of no less than 20 patients and appropriate number in the control group. Protocol should also include documentation of sessions and measurable physiological responses.

Funding: May include lab tests as appropriate such as A1C, CRP, GLU, cortisol etc., intake evaluations, data analysis, and pain evaluation. $30/session practitioner stipend, 10% overhead maximum.
Matching or In-Kind funds strongly suggested but not required.


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